This personal blog of mine has gone through so many ‘renovations’ that I’ve actually lost count now. Every time I do one, I get some kind of weird euphoria that I know that that renovation will be the one – the one that’ll keep me writing…something.

I have a regular column writing about seasonal shows, and I’ve written for other blogs in the past (Anime Herald/Japan Curiosity), and I’ve been doing that for a while now. When I have had time to update this place, I feel all sorts of things, and end up writing about all sorts of strange stuff. I’ve covered the controversial Japanese cult Happy Science and their interests in anime (which even they responded to), I’ve done entire 2-cour marathons of shows I absolutely hated with a passion, I’ve spoken about my past as a crazed, ignorant and obsessive Madoka Magica fan, and I’ve spoken about how I felt the UK con scene was in a deep decline (which has effectively left me alienated from them).

So after all of that, what would another renovation of this place even accomplish? I write things that I’m fine with, but most of the time, it is just a case of me emptying my brain and putting together all of the gooey mess into a WordPress post, regardless of how it looks or of any consequences that would come after it. And after so long in the blog writing game, I don’t think that looks too good. People have said my writing is fine enough, but deep down, I can’t quite see how.

So I’m going to do the only thing that’s left right now: I’m putting this blog on an indefinite hiatus.

Maybe when I return I’ll be writing about the same shit, only each post will be meticulously planned, as opposed to just brain-emptying. When will the next update be? A week, a month, a few months, a year, I don’t know. But when I come back, and I will come back, this place will look very different. Some of the major posts here (Happy Science, Social Anxiety Disorder, etc.) will remain, but everything else will be scrubbed entirely. All of that hard work will disappear, but I know this is for the best…for both me and you guys, I’m sure.


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