Who I am.

Alright, this post was meant to go out a good month ago, and I have no reason for delaying it. I’m just a terrible blogger, with no real plan or schedule set in stone.

With my Revue Starlight post project over, I should be thinking about finding another show I used to hate and do some elaborate group of posts about it. In the last month or so, I’ve been preoccupied with something else though: how I come across to others.

Not exactly an anime topic, but anime is something that is a part of who I am, who I was, and likely who I will end up being in the future. I’ve been watching all sorts of shows and movies for over 20 years now. But after these long 20 years, it now feels like something that I can just give up tomorrow. I could easily wake up tomorrow morning and say to myself that I can no longer take any of this anymore, and find some other hobby/pastime to occupy myself. In these last years, I’ve often called myself ‘jaded’ or ‘disillusioned’; I suppose by this I mean that a lot of things in this anime generation are things that I just cannot get into or understand. But at the same time, I’m not exactly someone who yearns for the old shows and looks down on new seasons. So what’s the issue? What is it that’s eating away at me?

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My return to Revue Starlight: J’ai besoin de m’améliorer en Français.

Every week I say I’ll think of a decent title for my Revue Starlight posts, and every week they never happen. So now we’re at the last one, I just give up. As an aniblogger, I can literally incapable of making a decent title for my posts.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

We’ve had arcs dedicated to Mahiru, Futaba x Kaoruko, and now Junna x Nana, which finally got its happy ending. And so now comes the time for the final one…the two big bosses Karen and Hikari have to face to reach the end of the game: Maya and Claudine.

This post will see this little post project of mine come to an end. I thought that giving my two cents on their pairing was something I considered more important to discuss than what happened at the end of the show. More on that later though, but right now…

Il est temps de parler de notre couple préféré.

(NB: Cet article contient des spoilers pour les derniers épisodes de Revue Starlight)

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My return to Revue Starlight: The Yuri Has Been Doubled!

In case you haven’t been following, this is post number 4 in my Revue Starlight project. These posts weren’t meant to go in any kind of chronological order, but somehow they seem to have ended up that way. The first two posts ended up covering the first half, while I dedicated an entire post to Mahiru, the disaster lesbian of the show. So perhaps I should just get back to what’s the most important thing in the show, which is obviously not the action: the yuri.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

The way I saw it, right from the very opening episode, we could already see our main couples in the show. They didn’t try to be subtle about it in any way at all; we all knew who was going to be with who. Karen with Hikari, Maya with Claudine, Junna with Nana, and Futaba with Kaoruko. Saying all this now, I feel even more rotten for Mahiru, as aside from her beloved Karen who is off romancing Hikari, the poor girl’s on her own. Each pairing is unique in its own way, though; something that came of a relief, as I did not want to see 4 couples that ended up all being the exact same.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

(NB: Yuribait spoilers for a Yuribait show like Revue Starlight follow)

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My return to Revue Starlight: The Official Mahiru Tsuyuzaki Fan Club.

Sooooo…you can take a wild guess at what this third post is going to be about. That one girl who chases after her beloved Karen, who feels left behind by everyone else in the show, who doesn’t have that much of a direction in life both at the academy and after graduation, and who just can’t catch a break at school, at all. Our favourite adorable muffin & disaster lesbian, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

It really does feel like a lot of yuri shows have this one girl who ends up down on her luck, and who ends up straggling behind everyone else, almost to the point of obscurity. While Junna remains my favorite girl in Revue Starlight, we really cannot help but feel for poor Mahiru, especially considering how quickly her roomie Karen does a 180 on her when Hikari arrives on the scene; literally the very second Hikari arrives in their classroom as a transfer student, Karen flips over. But Junna and Mahiru are almost polar opposites, in how we see their behavior in the show. Junna has the aura of a class representative, and comes across as a girl who could take you on but is in fact as sweet as pie. Mahiru, on the other hand, is that one adorable little muffin in the show who could hand you your ass in a heartbeat, and still be that adorable little muffin.

As I watched the episode devoted to her, ‘Where The Light Is’, I was thinking to myself what’ll be the end result for our muffin girl.

“At least give us one happy ending where this girl is either reunited with her love or sees how wonderful life really is for her…”

…and so did we get it?

(NB: This post has approved and endorsed by The Official Mahiru Tsuyuzaki Fan Club, and will therefore contain plenty of disaster lesbian moments/Revue Starlight spoilers)

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My return to Revue Starlight: Part 2, Electric Boogaloo.

I’m a fair bit into Revue Starlight now. (Ba)karen has stormed into the fight club causing all kinds of ripples, but she’s the idiot main protagonist, so we can kind of forgive her for that. She’s the airhead of the class, has trouble with stretches and singing scales practice, and she seems undeterred with any rules, just as long as her beloved is nearby. And so the more I watch this show, the more I wonder why the giraffe still saw potential in her, and let her be a part of the Revue auditions.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

As early on as episode 2, we understand that each participant in the auditions have other reasons to be there, and something to strive towards, large or small. Revue Starlight may put a fair amount of attention on visuals and art direction, but I’m just as keen to touch on the character design in the show. Each episode will bring out the better in (Ba)karen, but I’m just as curious about everyone else too.

(Oh, and I just couldn’t resist Electric Boogaloo; I really suck at making post titles, don’t I?)

(NB: This post will contain spoilers for Revue Starlight…obviously)

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