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Tokyopop’s return part 2: The Plot Thickens.

Well we have all been waiting with baited breath to see what Tokyopop really do have up their sleeves for their so-called comeback. I implied in my last Tokyopop post on how they had started talks with Disney for doing adaptations of Disney works; this would most likely mean the likes of Frozen or Star Wars or any of the Pixar movies appearing in print comic form.

Head honcho Stuart Levy, who never gave up on Tokyopop even when Kodansha left them, several of their staff were fired, their German office was shut down and Borders (their largest customer) went bankrupt, has gotten himself into a bit of a corner, unfortunately.

It all began when Tokyopop uploaded Angel’s Egg onto their Youtube channel, in the possible hope that they would have acquired the license for it. Angel’s Egg is a very rare piece; from 1985, it was a co-production of Ghost in the Shell creator Mamoru Oshii and Final Fantasy/Vampire Hunter D illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. This seemed a little too good to be true; Tokyopop venturing back into licensing again…but the girl behind The Anime Nostalgia Tumblr, and a friend of mine, saw straight through this:

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The fate of anime, in the hands of the next president.

Can the next US president really save anime? Will they really?

Hillary Clinton seems more like the mainstream type, who is happy to plough more money into Funi, and let them grab all the licenses, whilst endorsing Tokyopop, and doing secret deals to get all of their old licenses back from whoever has them now (Seven Seas/Yen/Kodansha/etc.)

Bernie Sanders, though, is more the radical. Being the hip guy that he is, he’s the type to go to conventions at a moment’s notice…getting a false name and sneaking in without anyone knowing the POTUS is at their con. He’s the one who puts money into Kickstarters for obscure manga/LN/VN to be translated, he’s the one who congratulates cosplayers for their genuine talents, and not on the amount of ‘free hugs’ signs they hold up, and while the others will blog, his one will stand out the most.

Ted Cruz is the clueless one, on the other hand. In his eyes, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender is a solid anime recommendation. Everyone will hate him for that recommendation, but he will remain oblivious to their comments.

Marco Rubio does his best, though…to be the good guy: the guy who says he enjoys it but in fact doesn’t.

But Donald Drumpf is the true weeb. His recommendations are the only ones that matter and any other show must wear ID tags telling us what they really are. He’ll be the one at cons clutching Drumpf plushies, at home with a Drumpf-endorsed body pillow, and will easily find friends who are just as weeb as him (like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin).

Despite being British, the US is like a sibling country to me, so I care about whether the right person will do the right thing for our beloved pastime.

I’ll be over there in September looking for a Drumpf campaign sign to take home as a stupid souvenir, so maybe he’ll be the one to make anime weeb again. The decision is in the hands of you US readers…


Funimation’s poor taste in social media writers.

Well Funimation decided to hit another low recently. No, not their recent logo change, which looks even more ominous and self-righteous than the last one. But by promoting episode 8 of Boku dake ga Inai Machi/Erased being available to watch, they use Kayo’s own struggles in her childhood and compare them to the one thing none of us expected: poor college students.

It left a bitter taste in so many of their subscribers, that they’re wondering if Funimation really does have their best interests in their subscribers. The tweet has since been removed from their account…

…so here it is:

Make if it what you will but it does indeed show us that they their social media writers need to put their thinking caps on before they tackle a controversial show like Bokumachi. Of course I cannot name names, as I have no idea who among their team wrote it.

I think it’s disgusting of them to compare one college struggle with finding money to eat with something very serious and life-scarring. At the time of writing, Funimation have not issued an apology, but I for one demand one.

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Domestic violence and child abuse is unacceptable in any form. If you or anyone you know is suffering or believe are suffering from it, don’t be afraid to contact the police and/or a helpline. Their advice is free, and they will always listen to you.

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Tomoko Kuroki and social anxiety disorder.

Cringe-worthy, insulting, controversial, hilarious, dumb…we all have a lot of things to say about Watamote. But I can understand all of them because all of them just seemed to happen in the show.

We all winced when her luck ran out (which it did…a lot), with ants crawling up her legs, being neglected by an old friend, finding a PT job she hoped for turning out to be in a factory and not a maid cafe. We all felt insulted at how she was willing to insult and scream at everyone she could see, because they were not what she thought they were going to be like in her ideal school life. And the show (and the manga) became extremely controversial on how it dealt with Social Anxiety Disorder and portrayed it as a negative and something we should poke fun at. When watching it, I laughed, but felt rotten at the same time.

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A “concept” movie.

Well………what do you think? What are your opinions?

She's back!

She’s back!

The trailer was shown at the Madogatari exhibition on November. 27. 2015. A 4-minute long little teaser trailer of some new Madoka Magica material. Material that none of us had seen before. And actual genuine stuff that wasn’t part of some silly April Fool like we all had twice-in-a-row:

  • First time being a blank image of a fourth movie, only for the web page source to reveal Madoka winking.
  • Second time being a hardcore fan applying old material to make a new trailer that looked professional (the video has since been taken down, I think).

At a trailer showing where no cameras, cellphones, microphones, etc. were allowed in, a camrip was of course going to emerge soon enough. It’s been circulating for a while, but I’ve finally mustered the ‘strength’ to watch it.

WARNING: Potential Madoka Magica spoilers ahead! Although I’ve kept them to a minimum.

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