What happened when I watched: pupa.

This is, apparently, one of the most hated shows that ever exists. So of course this is something I have to do.

Apparently this was delayed, and then when it was eventually released, no-one gave it any real positive reviews. All I really know about it is that it’s a horror show, each episode is only about 4 or 5 minutes long, and that it features a weird brother-sister relationship. It could be a good thing that each episode is about 4 or 5 minutes long; perhaps it was that bad that even the people in the studio were tearing their hair out over it.

For the record, I glanced at 10 minutes in the past, and had made some kind of mind up about what all 12 ‘episodes’ were like there and then without actually watching all of them, so this is going to be fun…

NB: Possible rage below.

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Why the McDonalds anime commercial is the best commercial they’ve ever done.

Right now here in the UK, McDonalds are churning out the usual factual commercials on how all of their burgers have British and Irish beef, how they embrace fresh ingredients, and about their new idea for putting books in Happy Meals (which on paper sounds great, but any kid would rather play with a toy). Their current ad campaign, though, focuses on how the assorted variety of customers have their “best times” at one of their restaurants (from celebrating a soccer match to finding your future wife), with an appalling piano cover of The Jam’s “That’s Entertainment” playing in the background.

On the other hand, like some restaurant chains, they like to ignore the glaring rumours about how they treat their employees. Here in the UK, McDonalds employees are often on what’s called ‘zero-hour contracts’. In them, the employer (McDonalds) isn’t obliged to give out any minimum working hours, while the employee (the poor hapless kid with spots occasionally getting your order wrong) isn’t obliged to accept any work offered. Sounds great, right?……but the employee must also sign an agreement that they must be available for work when and where-ever, and there’s still no guarantee they’ll get the number of hours they signed up for, meaning it could be anywhere between 1 to 48 hours a week.

With this, as well as the question behind whether their food is genuinely healthy (eg. due to the high amount of fat, grease and additives, a Big Mac can take up to 3 days to properly digest), McDonalds have been desperate to win peoples’ hearts for like forever. Everywhere in the world.

And as in Japan, where at least one McDonalds (or McDonalds equivalent) is found on every block, this generation’s kids are happy that they won’t always have to subject themselves to traditional Japanese cuisine and can splash out on Western food, despite the fact that westerners themselves usually frown on their food.

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Tokyopop’s return part 3: Waiving your rights over a mobile app.

When this landed on me, I was surprised too!

Pop Media Holdings, which owns Tokyopop, has a mobile app, POP Comics. It’s basically an app where manga/comic creators can publish their work for app users to read. Their website seems to love the words ‘interact’, ‘monetize’ and ‘awesome’…plus it’s free to read as ads incorporate the app. All sounds cool, right? I mean it’s a decent enough sounding platform for indie artists to show off their work to the public. They get paid, the public see something new, and Stu Levy is more chuffed with himself.

Well not everyone reads the small print

Putting in a nutshell, POP Comics can do whatever they want with their app without informing the user (or the creator who is publishing their work) beforehand. They can pretty much revoke your “creator-owned” status without telling you first, and if you have a problem with that, then you’d have to go through Hong Kong law instead of your own home country’s one. Also, if you have a problem or dispute with using the app (eg. a creator has issues with POP Comics showing certain stuff), you don’t have the right to actually file a lawsuit; something what is known as arbitration is used instead. Arbitration is favoured by companies because it doesn’t necessarily involve a real judge, and is much much cheaper for the company.

First we have a lot of people doubting whether Tokyopop is even worth its resurrection, then its issue of ‘raising awareness’ of shows by uploading whole episodes onto Youtube without the licensor’s permission, and now this? Sure having these dodgy-looking terms and conditions in a mobile app is something people are going to jump up and down about…besides there are better way for creators to show off their work.

Pixiv / Deviantart / pretty much any image-based social media platform

At this rate, I may end up writing more shit-hurling posts about Tokyopop (complaining how they should have stayed dead), and turn me into one great big SJW. Perhaps I should quit using WordPress and turn straight to Tumblr instead……I’d be able to both be chummy with other SJWs and at the same time have shit hurled in my face for no apparent reason.

Love goes to Bunnycartoon for finding this out and influencing me to write this. She haz teh conneketionz!!

Tokyopop’s return part 2: The Plot Thickens.

Well we have all been waiting with baited breath to see what Tokyopop really do have up their sleeves for their so-called comeback. I implied in my last Tokyopop post on how they had started talks with Disney for doing adaptations of Disney works; this would most likely mean the likes of Frozen or Star Wars or any of the Pixar movies appearing in print comic form.

Head honcho Stuart Levy, who never gave up on Tokyopop even when Kodansha left them, several of their staff were fired, their German office was shut down and Borders (their largest customer) went bankrupt, has gotten himself into a bit of a corner, unfortunately.

It all began when Tokyopop uploaded Angel’s Egg onto their Youtube channel, in the possible hope that they would have acquired the license for it. Angel’s Egg is a very rare piece; from 1985, it was a co-production of Ghost in the Shell creator Mamoru Oshii and Final Fantasy/Vampire Hunter D illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. This seemed a little too good to be true; Tokyopop venturing back into licensing again…but the girl behind The Anime Nostalgia Tumblr, and a friend of mine, saw straight through this:

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The fate of anime, in the hands of the next president.

Can the next US president really save anime? Will they really?

Hillary Clinton seems more like the mainstream type, who is happy to plough more money into Funi, and let them grab all the licenses, whilst endorsing Tokyopop, and doing secret deals to get all of their old licenses back from whoever has them now (Seven Seas/Yen/Kodansha/etc.)

Bernie Sanders, though, is more the radical. Being the hip guy that he is, he’s the type to go to conventions at a moment’s notice…getting a false name and sneaking in without anyone knowing the POTUS is at their con. He’s the one who puts money into Kickstarters for obscure manga/LN/VN to be translated, he’s the one who congratulates cosplayers for their genuine talents, and not on the amount of ‘free hugs’ signs they hold up, and while the others will blog, his one will stand out the most.

Ted Cruz is the clueless one, on the other hand. In his eyes, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender is a solid anime recommendation. Everyone will hate him for that recommendation, but he will remain oblivious to their comments.

Marco Rubio does his best, though…to be the good guy: the guy who says he enjoys it but in fact doesn’t.

But Donald Drumpf is the true weeb. His recommendations are the only ones that matter and any other show must wear ID tags telling us what they really are. He’ll be the one at cons clutching Drumpf plushies, at home with a Drumpf-endorsed body pillow, and will easily find friends who are just as weeb as him (like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin).

Despite being British, the US is like a sibling country to me, so I care about whether the right person will do the right thing for our beloved pastime.

I’ll be over there in September looking for a Drumpf campaign sign to take home as a stupid souvenir, so maybe he’ll be the one to make anime weeb again. The decision is in the hands of you US readers…