Blogging is still a thing, I guess…


Oh my fucking god. I still have this thing? Well I guess I do.

And will I be returning? I suppose so.

In the meantime, I have a column on OASG. I’m reviewing New Game!!, Love & Lies, Sakura Quest, and looking back at Squid Girl (whilst moaning about not having Splatoon 2 yet!). And I’ll be talking about the latest Monogatari outing when that comes out.


Goodbye domain, hello new name.

I have gone through a couple of renovations, or so-called renovations. Most, if not all of them, wind up in me just updating more. But I’ve just decided to have enough.

My domain name has gone completely. And the blog name has changed completely.

I merely liked the sound of the word ‘solstice’, and I figure that it’s a small step forward in just having a blog title that just contains myself and the topic of discussion.

Be creative, said my little mind.

Hope you like it.