I will no longer play ranked Overwatch.

*This is to be a long-ass post about something that isn’t anime*


I have been playing Overwatch since the beta. I fell in love with the game since the cinematic trailer with the two brothers in the Overwatch museum getting stuck in the middle of a battle between Tracer/Winston and Reaper/Widowmaker over a museum relic. I knew straightaway that this could become a competitive esport that would make a name…and it has. Now, we have the Overwatch League, which has done far better than people thought it would, with big sponsors wanting to get involved, huge global multinational companies wanting their own teams, and even the likes of ESPN and the Disney Channel wanting to broadcast the finals that took place in New York. In addition to this, there are the numerous people on the competitive ladder playing to their heart’s content, forsaking real-life things like jobs, school/college, food, and general adulting, because they want to be in an Overwatch team themselves.

I know my limits though. I’m trash at the game and I know it. But that still doesn’t stop me from loving this game, and continuing to love this game. I’ve been trying my best to do what I can in the competitive ladder, but starting today, I must leave ranked play. And there’s a few reasons why…

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