The first step in becoming an online celebrity.

Almost seems like I’ve shelved this Solstice Review project, isn’t it? Well those DVDs and Blu-rays I have of shows I plan to watch are currently gathering dust, and are not going anywhere…and I have no intention of taking them to Minamicon and selling them second-hand (just yet).

In the meantime, I might as well deliver a little bit of news which may or may not be interesting.

I have had a Twitch account for like forever and have barely used it, but recently I set up a Mixer account as well.

Does this mean I see myself as a celebrity streamer in the future, with tons of sponsorship deals and trips to gaming events, and the like? Of course not. Hell, my computer can barely handle both a game and streaming on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) at the same time.

So regardless of whether I’m begging for Twitch bits, or begging for Mixer sparks/embers, or even begging for people to just watch, I have these two streaming channels now. The question is: will I even use either of them?

Anime Solstice in 2019.


I won’t lie when I say that this blog has become on-and-off for like forever. And I usually find myself with next to nothing to write about. Even my last post was unrelated to anime and ended up being how frustrated I was with the ranked ladder of one of my favourite games.

I’m hoping to change that though, and have some kind of structure.

What sets this unknown blog from others? Nothing. Some others I highly respect rock because of the angle they have. Anime Feminist look at anime from a feminist and progressive POV, while Beneath the Tangles takes a more Christian look at it. Others I like specialise in their own genres, like shounen and yuri and mecha. Well since I have quite the varied tastes which have changed in the 20+ years I’ve been into anime, I asked myself what exactly should I do?

And then I asked myself: “All the big shows are huge because of their big…ness. So what about the unknowns and the unheard-ofs?”

My time at Japan Curiosity (now no longer updated) worked for me because it helped me write review posts, something I hadn’t done in a long time, and gave me a great excuse to catch up on the anime Netflix had to offer.

So from here on, I’m going to try and get Anime Solstice to become a review site once again. I already watch recent anime and have a column for it on The OASG, and there are plenty of blogs and sites out there that look at the huge anime franchises, so I’ll instead be looking at the unknowns and the unheard-ofs.

I’ll be starting with one little-known show that I’m especially fond of, with a post for it coming soon, so watch this space 🙂


What I really REALLY hated about anime in 2016.

I think we all know that 2016 will be a year that we will just refuse to talk about in the future. It’ll be 2014, 2015, and then we’ll just skip straight to 2017. Some pretty bad things have happened this year, news-wise:

Donald Trump / Brexit / Growth of the Alt-Right movement / The sudden increase in racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia as a result of the previous three / The continuing situation in Syria & Aleppo / David Bowie / Orlando shooting / Muhammad Ali / Prince / Flint still not having clean water / Zika virus / Leonard Cohen / Alan Rickman / Suicide Squad / Hurricane Matthew / Kids going all butt-hurt over this year’s Call of Duty / Cubs winning the World Series / Turkish coup / Gene Wilder / Bastille Day Attack in Nice / Charleston church shooting / Leicester City winning the Premier League / The UK going batshit crazy that The Great British Bake Off was leaving the BBC /  Murdoch now owning even more of the world’s media / Brussels airport bombing / Killer Clown craze in Halloween / North Korea still being an ass / England getting owned by Iceland in the European soccer tournaments in France

I also had to go to hospital in March after a series of violent seizures. My hyperactive nephew has hit puberty too, so that might be a pain in the ass. My favourite nightclub, Fabric, lost its license when a couple of kids OD’d on the dance floor (they got it back though). My nose unnaturally started to bleed in July, so that sucked. My first experience with a brony scarred me forever. Two of my favourite Formula 1 drivers retired (Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg). A cult got in touch with me when I wrote an article about some of their movies (not a bad thing…just bizarre…but I forgot to say thank you to them for reading the article, so in the off-chance that if they are reading this, The Golden Laws was actually pretty good, so thanks). You could even argue Pokemon Go had some role too in creating more of a dystopian society this year, even though it is a pretty cool game (despite it eating your data and phone battery).

And I’m still an unemployable piece of shit.

Anime and the general weeb culture wasn’t spotless either. Saying that though, it had its pretty damn fine moments: Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian finally came out after 9 or 10 years of development hell, Your Name, Hibike! Euphonium sequel, Overwatch, Hideo Kojima re-emerging after Konamigate with a pretty slick-looking game in the works, Stranger Things (hardly weeb but still a cool show), A Silent Voice (I didn’t like it, but so many people did), the news that Nintendo’s new console is coming out sooner than we think…

Last year I did a little piece over the worst things that anime did to us, which included Charlotte, the second season of Nisekoi (there was a sequel, in case you forgot, which you may have) and Gainax turning to product placement to make a mediocre magical girl show. Well time to do it all over again for this year; perhaps this year will be more significant considering all the other shit that happened.

(Remember: this is all personal opinion)

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The fate of anime, in the hands of the next president.

Can the next US president really save anime? Will they really?

Hillary Clinton seems more like the mainstream type, who is happy to plough more money into Funi, and let them grab all the licenses, whilst endorsing Tokyopop, and doing secret deals to get all of their old licenses back from whoever has them now (Seven Seas/Yen/Kodansha/etc.)

Bernie Sanders, though, is more the radical. Being the hip guy that he is, he’s the type to go to conventions at a moment’s notice…getting a false name and sneaking in without anyone knowing the POTUS is at their con. He’s the one who puts money into Kickstarters for obscure manga/LN/VN to be translated, he’s the one who congratulates cosplayers for their genuine talents, and not on the amount of ‘free hugs’ signs they hold up, and while the others will blog, his one will stand out the most.

Ted Cruz is the clueless one, on the other hand. In his eyes, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender is a solid anime recommendation. Everyone will hate him for that recommendation, but he will remain oblivious to their comments.

Marco Rubio does his best, though…to be the good guy: the guy who says he enjoys it but in fact doesn’t.

But Donald Drumpf is the true weeb. His recommendations are the only ones that matter and any other show must wear ID tags telling us what they really are. He’ll be the one at cons clutching Drumpf plushies, at home with a Drumpf-endorsed body pillow, and will easily find friends who are just as weeb as him (like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin).

Despite being British, the US is like a sibling country to me, so I care about whether the right person will do the right thing for our beloved pastime.

I’ll be over there in September looking for a Drumpf campaign sign to take home as a stupid souvenir, so maybe he’ll be the one to make anime weeb again. The decision is in the hands of you US readers…

What I really REALLY hated about anime in 2015.

Every single year I keep meaning to do the one thing: catch-up. Catch up on old shows, start new ones, follow each cour in each year like some uber-religious weeaboo. But it’s usually the case that I fall behind on one (if not all) of those.

Maybe I ought to make this blog about…cookery instead?

Well while last year I did the whole 12 days thing that hipster anibloggers do, I gave up completely, purely because I just feel like I wasn’t feeling this year at all. Aside from stand-out shows like Hibike! Euphonium, Cinderella Girls, the second half of Shirobako, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Non Non Biyori season 2 and a couple of others which I loved but everyone else didn’t (like Saekano and Yuri Kuma Arashi), this year could have been so much better for me.

So I’m doing a hate post. I’m going all SJW this Christmas. Humbug.

(do remember, this is all personal opinion, but since I’m being an SJW right now, my opinion is the ONLY opinion! XD)

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