The first step in becoming an online celebrity.

Almost seems like I’ve shelved this Solstice Review project, isn’t it? Well those DVDs and Blu-rays I have of shows I plan to watch are currently gathering dust, and are not going anywhere…and I have no intention of taking them to Minamicon and selling them second-hand (just yet).

In the meantime, I might as well deliver a little bit of news which may or may not be interesting.

I have had a Twitch account for like forever and have barely used it, but recently I set up a Mixer account as well.

Does this mean I see myself as a celebrity streamer in the future, with tons of sponsorship deals and trips to gaming events, and the like? Of course not. Hell, my computer can barely handle both a game and streaming on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) at the same time.

So regardless of whether I’m begging for Twitch bits, or begging for Mixer sparks/embers, or even begging for people to just watch, I have these two streaming channels now. The question is: will I even use either of them?