What happened when I watched: pupa.

This is, apparently, one of the most hated shows that ever exists. So of course this is something I have to do.

Apparently this was delayed, and then when it was eventually released, no-one gave it any real positive reviews. All I really know about it is that it’s a horror show, each episode is only about 4 or 5 minutes long, and that it features a weird brother-sister relationship. It could be a good thing that each episode is about 4 or 5 minutes long; perhaps it was that bad that even the people in the studio were tearing their hair out over it.

For the record, I glanced at 10 minutes in the past, and had made some kind of mind up about what all 12 ‘episodes’ were like there and then without actually watching all of them, so this is going to be fun…

NB: Possible rage below.

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What happened when I watched: Girl Friend BETA.

Don't cry. There's always another moe show for you...
Don’t cry. There’s always another moe show for you…

Bad show time again! Sleeping With Hanako and Himegoto were extremely short ones to do, so I figured that I should really do a full-length one. I have no qualms in putting myself in misery like when I saw Tatsuya Shiba become Jesus (and crazy Miyuki turning people into ice blocks whenever he looked at other girls) in my first marathon. Oh what fun that was, staying up all night to sit it out in one long go!

(NB: I’m typing this first part before I actually do this challenge)

I think Girl Friend BETA was one of those cheaply-made shows that simply faded out of existence the moment the final episode ended. Then soon enough, when people came to listing what are the worst shows of the year, this ended up being one of them…along with the other trashy meaningless harem shows, and the occasional badly-written sci-fi and the over-the-top fantasy. Truth be told, all I know about this is another one of those…*ahem*:

“School life/making new friends/sitting in class by the window/having lunch on the roof/walking to school with cherry blossoms in shot/coming home with onii-chan/onee-chan moaning/whittering on about other meaningless shit”

…fluff. And briefly looking at MAL, the words in a couple of the reviews included “Bland”, “Sleep-inducing”, “Diabetes-inducing” and “Boring”. I’ve watched too many slice-of-life shows, so could this be the one to send me over the edge?

Warning: Here be a long, boring, sleep-inducing post.

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What happened when I watched: Himegoto.

Today’s my birthday. Don’t all celebrate at once…

So it’s the perfect opportunity to do a trap show! Next time a special occasion comes around, I’ll be doing Pico. Sure……

I will tell you one thing; when this came around in…when was it…Summer 2014…I actually had the idea of watching Himegoto thinking it would be some like of super-cool harem show. Since then I’ve heard all the crap from people saying that young male cross-dressing immediately equals the spawn of the devil. Ha! Did I just say that? Made it sound like a fetish of mine…

Well I was actually hoping for this to have 25-minute episodes, so I was kind of annoyed at how I only ended up with 4 minute ones. Possible sign that studio (Asahi) knew it was going to be shit so chose to do as little as they could be bothered to do. Reminiscent of pupa…except possibly better.

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What happened when I watched: Sleeping With Hinako.

It’s a short one this time, so hardly a marathon. So short in fact that’s it’s only one 45-minute episode.

I’d heard a lot about Sleeping With Hinako, and how……dull it was supposed to be. Bearing in mind that I’m typing this bit before I’ve watched it, I know only so much. It was supposed to be an ‘educational’ show, about how to sleep with the titular girl. Yes. Sleep. She’s supposed to half-naked a lot, so this isn’t hentai which relieves me.

Oh well, here we go.

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What happened when I watched: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

Shut up.
Shut up.

So. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. It was the Marmite/Vegemite of anime in 2014; you either loved it or absolutely hated it. I’m choosing not to give the opinion I had when I dipped into the first half of the show when it came out where a lot of the time, my face fell into both my palms, only because what I plan to do.

I did a couple of tiny tiny posts back about this show; both of them were about Miyuki and how brocon she is. I stated that I no longer cared about the plot, and that I only cared about the fact that Miyuki could be quite possibly be the perfect imouto. And so I thought, since I was kind of in a serious anime low, and did it mostly for the sake of OASG, why not do something to ‘invigorate’ my love, and marathon this thing? All in one go; non-stop. I’ll find out when my brain will implode. Since I had so many mixed views watching the first 6 episodes alone, what the hell’s going to happen to me? Well we’ll see then, won’t we? Perhaps (just perhaps) I’ll give the practically-perfect Tatsuya another chance at being a likable guy.

Warning: This post is a long one.

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