What killed off my Madoka Magica fandom?


NB: This post contains spoilers for the Rebellion movie.

Whilst writing this post, I’ve had to go and do not just a lot of memory back-tracking, but a lot of self-reflection as an anime fan. Madoka Magica is one of the shows that has made me the kind of fan I am, but it is because of what the franchise has become now is why I must walk away from it. 6 years of fanart, fanfiction, outspoken posts about the numerous hidden metaphors in the show, bizarre rumours and a abnormally long wait for new material has made me walk away from Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko (as well as everyone else) for good. And here are the reasons why…

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A “concept” movie.

Well………what do you think? What are your opinions?

She's back!
She’s back!

The trailer was shown at the Madogatari exhibition on November. 27. 2015. A 4-minute long little teaser trailer of some new Madoka Magica material. Material that none of us had seen before. And actual genuine stuff that wasn’t part of some silly April Fool like we all had twice-in-a-row:

  • First time being a blank image of a fourth movie, only for the web page source to reveal Madoka winking.
  • Second time being a hardcore fan applying old material to make a new trailer that looked professional (the video has since been taken down, I think).

At a trailer showing where no cameras, cellphones, microphones, etc. were allowed in, a camrip was of course going to emerge soon enough. It’s been circulating for a while, but I’ve finally mustered the ‘strength’ to watch it.

WARNING:┬áPotential Madoka Magica spoilers ahead! Although I’ve kept them to a minimum.

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What Okitegami could be in the future.

I’ve always gone by the mantra of ‘all good things know when to end’; this especially applies to anime. The hugely popular shows we Western weebs love will never die though, because despite the fact that no matter how bad an episode can be, we can rely on the notion that the show will be back the next week. I can only take the likes of Naruto, One Piece and Pokemon as such examples.

Nisio Isin began his Monogatari books back in 2007. I can be labelled as biased here, as I got hooked on the adaptation from day one. His amazing and unique character design along with token wordplay has made him a well-praised light novelist. It’s only now when we get an English translation of Kizumonogatari, to be released just before Christmas this year…just in time for the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy next year. He has chosen to end the series to concentrate on new material.┬áMaterial like the recent Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku, which has received not only a manga adaptation but a live-action one too. And it’s the live-action one that has seriously caught my attention…

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The other mystery Shaft project.

Where oh where are you, Magical Suite Prism Nana? I was going to make that the post title, only it felt too long.

This one’s an obscurity. An real obscurity. We first about this when a teaser surfaced at a Comiket in 2012. Girls, check. School, check. Fancy costumes, check. And…umm, that was it. Until the actual promos came out.

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Poor Natsume.

I look at various pairings for various shows, as do many of you do, no doubt. Of course it’s up to the beholder whether they feel they work or not. Won’t name the ones I think work, because while some of them are just too obvious, others are just too weird.

Ever since I started watching Hidamari Sketch, which was a good 4 years ago, I’ve always had a soft spot for the tsundere character of the show: Natsume. Always. To those who don’t know the show, she’s a rival to one of the main characters, Sae; the real truth though is that she’s absolutely smitten with her. And even though she knows Sae has a relationship with fellow classmate and Hidamarisou neighbour Hiro, that doesn’t stop her confronting her and shouting at her awkwardly when deep down inside she really wants to confess.

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