Anime Solstice

i watch bad shows.

About me

Neomo is my name. The name was a spawn from my AOL IM name like 15 years ago. The name just stuck, and everyone who knows me when it comes it anime-related stuff calls me that; I hate my RL name, and what would be great would be if I changed my last name.

My hobby started age 12, with Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo!. I watch the occasional anime show I play the occasional game (mostly Overwatch and Splatoon). I sometimes read actual books and go to art galleries. My favourite artist is Mark Rothko. And I’ve loved the Moomins ever since I was a young boy.

I hate mecha. I hate yaoi too. As well as Minecraft.

I suffer from tonic-clonic epilepsy, and while seizures are very far and few, they are violent. It is a condition that, I feel, has affected my relationship with the people around me, whether they be friends or family or even finding employment.

I was also diagnosed with social anxiety disorder at a young age, thus affecting my time in school. Thankfully my high school did help me, and chose to keep me away from any potential trouble sources or negativity (from bullies to support for schoolwork).

So do I use anime as an escape? Well perhaps I do. I don’t see it as something uncommon though. Many people find comfort or escape in hobbies or interests, and doing so helps from with stress, depression, and many other aspects of social life.

But I’m not afraid to add humour/satire to this blog. “Laughter is the best medicine” is the worst cliche ever made, but even though mental health is a very serious issue, people should not be afraid to cover it up, talk about it, and not hide away. Sometimes, I do non-stop all-in-one-go marathons of not-great shows, where I curse and laugh. A lot.

Of course I can’t cover everything in every tiny detail, as I am no medical professional. There are even some things that I don’t feel I ought to talk about. LGBT+ issues, for instance…or feminism. There are better and more suited blogs out there that touch on those topics.

I am no one special. Just a blogger who happens to enjoy anime, as well as other things. And mental health is just something that is close to my heart.