About me

I’ve had a lot of online names, like most of us have. It’s just a coincidence that all of them begin with the letter ‘n’. Right now though it’s Nonon. And yes, it’s named after that girl from Kill La Kill.

I sometimes read actual books and go to art galleries. My favourite artist is Mark Rothko. And I’ve loved the Moomins ever since I was a young boy. I follow esports, especially the Overwatch League, and I have quite a few OWL teams I enjoy watching. I follow Formula 1 as well, but I don’t have a favourite driver. Never have. Right now, I am studying to become an ESL teacher, teaching English overseas.

I suffer from tonic-clonic epilepsy, and while seizures are very far and few, they are violent. It is a condition that, I feel, has affected my relationship with the people around me, whether they be friends or family or even finding employment. I am also an encephalitis survivor.

I was also diagnosed with social anxiety disorder at a young age, thus affecting my time in school. So do I use anime as an escape? Well perhaps I do. I don’t see it as something uncommon though. Many people find comfort or escape in hobbies or interests, and doing so helps from with stress, depression, and many other aspects of social life.

But I’m not afraid to add humour/satire to this blog. “Laughter is the best medicine” is the worst cliche ever, but even though mental health is a very serious issue, people should not be afraid to talk about it, and not hide away. Sometimes, I do non-stop all-in-one-go marathons of not-great shows, where I curse and laugh. A lot.

I am no one special. I don’t claim to be anyone special either. Just a blogger who happens to enjoy anime, as well as other things.