A confession.

My confession isn’t how I’ve been neglecting this blog and my new Solstice Review spot. My excuse for that is that I’ve been quite busy with some new posts on the US-based group blog The OASG that I’m a part of (that are all coming soon…ish). I do have a draft for my next Solstice Review post though, so it’s not like I haven’t forgotten about it all.

Instead this confession is something else…related to the UK anime community. It may not sound like a big deal to some, but it is still something I want firmly off my chest, as I never want to touch it again.

It doesn’t take much to notice that the UK anime community is considerably smaller than that of North America. This in turn means we all sort of know each other, and news travels pretty quickly when either juicy gossip comes up or when shit hits the fan. Here, an anime collective known as Animeleague has developed a pretty poor reputation when it comes to putting on events, handling special guests and responding to constructive criticism. And in recent times, their chairman has had some allegations of sexual deviance thrown at him.

This isn’t all just some sort of ‘outsider looking in’ kind of thing; I have worked as a volunteer for them twice. Once back in my college days, when they were pretty small-scale and only really operated in London, and another time…when I purposely wanted to find things to report on. You see, under an alias, I started up a blog dedicated to any news pieces related to Animeleague.

(I should add that I started it up before these major allegations came out, so they all came as a shock to me when I first heard them.)

Said blog didn’t gone down well with the collective, as they have since blacklisted me from their events and have permabanned me from their forums and social media. One could say that it is no skin off my back, but despite this ‘news’ blog I started up, I have never been a confrontational kind of person. I suppose you could say that all I wanted to do with this blog is present anything I could find to others, while avoiding any gossip or rumors or misleading information, and not wanting to pick any fights.

I have since taken the blog down, purely because I had had enough of wanting to be some kind of good guy, of wanting to be some kind of messenger. Maybe it is the age talking, or maybe it is just that I have grown very very tired of our community here in the UK. Now I’m just content with letting the collective fester in whatever mess they themselves have created. I’ve brought up the company to some colleagues of mine who run larger anime news sites than whatever I had, but now after all of this, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to bring it up. Now…I just don’t even want to mention them ever again. The less I hear about them now, the better (hence why I don’t call the collective by their name anymore).

I will be attending Minamicon in March 2020, but it will be my final UK con. Attendees of Minamicon have often kept to themselves, in comparison to attendees of other UK cons, who all often seem to meet each other. I do remember enjoying myself in the last Minamicon I volunteered for, and although I’ll just be going as a normie this time, I hope that same feeling will return. Helps that a 24-hour McDonalds is literally 2 minutes walk away from the venue.

But yeah, no more UK cons for me after that. I thought that, because the community seems so small-scale compared to others, it would be something that’s worth protecting. It had to take me this long to realise that jerks exist everywhere in the world, and that there are some people that just deserve everything they get to them.

If you think that I’ve done a stupid thing here, then you’re welcome to think that way, because I have done a stupid thing. I’ll carry on writing here, but I’m just so…tired of trying to defend the undefendable (that’s not even a word, I know).

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