Coming back in 2018

It’s been a good long while since I’ve done anything on Anime Solstice, well I’ve actually kept myself quite busy over the last couple of months:

  • I’m still keeping up-to-date with my regular column, Neomo’s Otaku Theater, on the US-based group blog, The OASG. As well as my weekly review of hand-picked shows, I occasionally write full-lengths about certain things that have happened that anime season.
  • At the beginning of this year, I joined the team at the UK-based news site, Japan Curiosity, where I alternate between reviewing British home video releases and reviewing anything new that appears on Netflix anime-wise.
  • Offline, I will be beginning my studies to become a English-language teacher overseas. I’ve had a lot of ‘what-the-hell-am-I-doing?’ moments; you get more of them when you actually have nothing to do. As my trading card business idea fell through, I am using this direction with the hope of not only finding work but seeing the big wide world.

As for this place? Well, I’m keeping it around, as I can be unchained here. Will I be resurrecting the ‘What happened when I watched’ posts? Perhaps. Will I think of some other project to do here? Who knows. Will I even have time to write on here, what with 2 other sites to write for plus my upcoming studies? We’ll see.


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