The fate of anime, in the hands of the next president.

Can the next US president really save anime? Will they really?

Hillary Clinton seems more like the mainstream type, who is happy to plough more money into Funi, and let them grab all the licenses, whilst endorsing Tokyopop, and doing secret deals to get all of their old licenses back from whoever has them now (Seven Seas/Yen/Kodansha/etc.)

Bernie Sanders, though, is more the radical. Being the hip guy that he is, he’s the type to go to conventions at a moment’s notice…getting a false name and sneaking in without anyone knowing the POTUS is at their con. He’s the one who puts money into Kickstarters for obscure manga/LN/VN to be translated, he’s the one who congratulates cosplayers for their genuine talents, and not on the amount of ‘free hugs’ signs they hold up, and while the others will blog, his one will stand out the most.

Ted Cruz is the clueless one, on the other hand. In his eyes, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender is a solid anime recommendation. Everyone will hate him for that recommendation, but he will remain oblivious to their comments.

Marco Rubio does his best, though…to be the good guy: the guy who says he enjoys it but in fact doesn’t.

But Donald Drumpf is the true weeb. His recommendations are the only ones that matter and any other show must wear ID tags telling us what they really are. He’ll be the one at cons clutching Drumpf plushies, at home with a Drumpf-endorsed body pillow, and will easily find friends who are just as weeb as him (like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin).

Despite being British, the US is like a sibling country to me, so I care about whether the right person will do the right thing for our beloved pastime.

I’ll be over there in September looking for a Drumpf campaign sign to take home as a stupid souvenir, so maybe he’ll be the one to make anime weeb again. The decision is in the hands of you US readers…


2 thoughts on “The fate of anime, in the hands of the next president.

  1. Frog-kun March 9, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    Oh god this made me laugh, especially the part about Hillary being a Funi supporter. It’s especially amusing because I hear people talk about Funi’s connections to Rick Santorum, the Republican politician who actually was a contender early on in the presidential race.

    • Neomo March 10, 2016 / 4:12 am

      I looked that up and it’s true. About 5 years ago, Fukunaga set up Echolight Studios to produce and market movies for a Christian audience, and he hired him as the CEO. Not entirely sure if Funi and Echolight are tied together or have separated, as some people have gotten worried that their money meant for Funi was instead lining Santorum’s pockets/paying for his failed campaign. This ANN thing has more:

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