A “concept” movie.

Well………what do you think? What are your opinions?

She's back!
She’s back!

The trailer was shown at the Madogatari exhibition on November. 27. 2015. A 4-minute long little teaser trailer of some new Madoka Magica material. Material that none of us had seen before. And actual genuine stuff that wasn’t part of some silly April Fool like we all had twice-in-a-row:

  • First time being a blank image of a fourth movie, only for the web page source to reveal Madoka winking.
  • Second time being a hardcore fan applying old material to make a new trailer that looked professional (the video has since been taken down, I think).

At a trailer showing where no cameras, cellphones, microphones, etc. were allowed in, a camrip was of course going to emerge soon enough. It’s been circulating for a while, but I’ve finally mustered the ‘strength’ to watch it.

WARNING: Potential Madoka Magica spoilers ahead! Although I’ve kept them to a minimum.

There’s one thing I don’t like to do, and that’s to believe hearsay and speculation to the letter. I think that was the mistake of when the trailer for Rebellion came out; we all saw the strange new videos, and wondered why Homura was suddenly acting the way she was, why there was a new character out of the blue, and most importantly, why Madoka was back. Then on Reddit, 4chan, and all the sorts of Youtube videos us fans made, we gave our own opinions, and then when the movie was released, and we got to see what actually happened, a lot of us felt all sorts of things: confused, devastated, angry, furious…to name a few. The reason why? It’s because we relied too much on what we believed what was going to happen, and when we found out that it didn’t, we vented our emotions onto SHAFT and Magica Quartet because they didn’t give us what we wanted, and that was a happy ending we universally agreed with: Madoka and Homura having another space hug.

I won’t bombard this post with any speculation I have; instead I will present any relative facts we already have.

First of all, the one thing that immediately grabs us: Madoka as a ballerina. Her solo has been confirmed to be from “The Dying Swan“, composed by Mikail Fokine in 1905. It revolves around the expiration of life, or the transition from mortal life into something deeper. Well the Madoka fans know exactly what this comes from, but I still believe there is more to this than meets the eye.

Secondly, Mami seems to hold much more of a presence here. A lot of speculation say she will inherit the position of MC, playing some kind of Guan Yu character. An interesting thought, as she appears only in a few episodes of the show and only in action in Rebellion.

Finally, it is pretty much plain and clear that after Rebellion, Madoka and Homura have become Yin and Yang: Homu being the Yin, and Mado being the Yang. Mado being Mado, she still wants her best friend to see that she doesn’t have to despise anyone anymore, and that people can forgive her (even Saya).

Those are my two pennies. I’ve decided to not watch any more trailers, or teasers, or any upcoming images, or read up on any speculation people may have. I know the Puella Magi Wiki is very guilty of plying people with speculation. Anything else that I saw in the camrip is capable of, I believe, spinning so many weeb’s heads. Old characters appearing, saying all sorts of things that give out all sorts of meanings and so many images that give out hidden messages and metaphors…

As a former hardcore Madoka fan, I have accepted that anything can happen. I lost a lot of friends because I wouldn’t shut up about the show; I really believed it was that hot shit…and I got so angry with people who didn’t like it. Now I’m older (but not that wiser), I can accept that Madoka Magica has become a franchise no-one can ignore. I think SHAFT/Magica Quartet have learned their lesson from the Rebellion trailer incident, and are instead teasing us without any kind of mercy. Some could say this could be a bad thing, bring about more undue speculation, and make the fans angry because they’d didn’t get what were hoping. At the end of Rebellion, people believe that, despite the way she went about it, Homura did the right thing for Madoka. In her eyes, her best friend is safe from incubators, the others can live the normal life they wanted, leaving Homura to disappear.

I’ll just leave that hanging as, because of what the new teaser shows, things didn’t turn out like what Homura wanted after all…


Sources: Puella Magi Wiki // Madogatari Official Site (Japanese)


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