What Okitegami could be in the future.

I’ve always gone by the mantra of ‘all good things know when to end’; this especially applies to anime. The hugely popular shows we Western weebs love will never die though, because despite the fact that no matter how bad an episode can be, we can rely on the notion that the show will be back the next week. I can only take the likes of Naruto, One Piece and Pokemon as such examples.

Nisio Isin began his Monogatari books back in 2007. I can be labelled as biased here, as I got hooked on the adaptation from day one. His amazing and unique character design along with token wordplay has made him a well-praised light novelist. It’s only now when we get an English translation of Kizumonogatari, to be released just before Christmas this year…just in time for the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy next year. He has chosen to end the series to concentrate on new material.¬†Material like the recent Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku, which has received not only a manga adaptation but a live-action one too. And it’s the live-action one that has seriously caught my attention…


…for various reasons.

  1. Both the stark visuals and distinctive piano score used in the show mirror what we expect in the Monogatari shows (which can be seen as a plus, to get fans into new Nisio Isin material).
  2. It brings the notion that Nisio Isin’s characters can be real people, regardless of their quirks.
  3. I haven’t watched any J-drama show in a long time, so I figure starting on one based on a novel by an author I love would be a great way to get back into it.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, Kyouko Okitegami is a private detective who enjoys solving abnormal mysteries. Her only setback is that she forgets everything the previous day; something culprits can use to their advantage. It makes fascinating and comical story-telling, in addition to the moe-glasses appeal. Also, if you look at it one way, the novel shows how a woman with such a major setback in life can overcome life and solve the unsolvable; misogyny in Japan is defeated once again.

Now as I type this, Nisio Isin and SHAFT might well be in talks for an anime adaptation; I’m crossing my fingers that they are. Even though it won’t have the same impact as Monogatari (and could potentially thus put the fans off a little), Nisio Isin’s well-written characters and deep storytelling, mixed with the distinct artwork we all know could make an adaptation of Okitegami a success.

We already know that the likes of Koyomi Araragi and new Monogatari character Ougi Oshino can solve the unsolvable and can make good rapport and give great screen time. So someone as intelligent and moe as Kyouko Okitegami will be someone we can learn to like quickly. But compared to Koyomi and Ougi, characters we have now gotten used to, will Kyouko be someone we can quickly warm to? That’s only something we can answer if SHAFT decide to do an adaptation, of course.

Opinions? I like the idea of an adaptation, but would we want to see another SHAFT detective story? Of course I’m not ruling out the idea that another studio could do it; I mean White Fox were responsible for the adaptation of Katanagatari. But seeing someone like Kyoto Animation do something like Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku would be something (is that sarcasm?). I mean it’s not like they haven’t not touched on detective stories; Hyouka was a runaway success (which will, most likely, never make it to the West)…but eh…


2 thoughts on “What Okitegami could be in the future.

  1. miharusshi December 3, 2015 / 4:08 pm

    Err, you’ve probably already heard it from other fans, but One Piece (at least the manga) is not exactly one that should just be forced to end anytime. Being a longer title works for its advantage of building the universe and traversing the storyline, which iirc is at least 60% done. … but this is beyond the point of this post.

    I still haven’t gotten around to watching eps 2 and beyond but, dammit, episode 1 was surprisingly fun. Despite being episode, I am already getting the feeling that it’s gonna be worth watching until the end and that I will never get bored of it. Heck, I wouldn’t expect less of Nisio Isin–but for the live-action to deliver pretty well, that’s already beyond my cynical expectations. I wish to see the next episodes soon. However, I’m still struggling to find time for it. Friggin’ real life.

    Anyhoo, I totally agree with your remarks regarding the visuals, which would help non-live-action enthusiasts get into the series as it really does have the quirks of the animated Monogatari series that people love. Even I was astonished that the live action production staff went with that visual direction. I can’t imagine the series being fun otherwise.

    Now, when will the anime happen? The live-action got a pretty solid response from local and overseas viewers, so it could’ve been enough to sell the novels, but… who knows? It seems to me that Nisioisin’s works are all worth animating and dying for.

    • Neomo December 4, 2015 / 12:29 am

      I don’t know if the live-action visuals were a request from Nisio Isin; for all we know it might be, or it could just be a decision by the makers of the show.

      Here in the UK, Monogatari has only recently hit it off, with distributors here choosing to release the Second Season in their respective arcs, which I prefer. Now with the upcoming English translation of Kizumonogatari, I know he’ll be a bigger name in the future.

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