What happened when I watched: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

Shut up.
Shut up.

So. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. It was the Marmite/Vegemite of anime in 2014; you either loved it or absolutely hated it. I’m choosing not to give the opinion I had when I dipped into the first half of the show when it came out where a lot of the time, my face fell into both my palms, only because what I plan to do.

I did a couple of tiny tiny posts back about this show; both of them were about Miyuki and how brocon she is. I stated that I no longer cared about the plot, and that I only cared about the fact that Miyuki could be quite possibly be the perfect imouto. And so I thought, since I was kind of in a serious anime low, and did it mostly for the sake of OASG, why not do something to ‘invigorate’ my love, and marathon this thing? All in one go; non-stop. I’ll find out when my brain will implode. Since I had so many mixed views watching the first 6 episodes alone, what the hell’s going to happen to me? Well we’ll see then, won’t we? Perhaps (just perhaps) I’ll give the practically-perfect Tatsuya another chance at being a likable guy.

Warning: This post is a long one.

Episode 1: “He should know his place…”

And so 5 minutes in, I was supposed to feel something for Tatsuya. Of course I didn’t, because I could already see through his bullshit. His constant paranoia, his constant lack of emotion, his super-sonic martial-art action stuff. If I were him, I would kill myself already, but I’d be missing the increasing harem he’s already mustered: student council members, the school counsellor/office lady wannabe, his idiot classmates, not to mention his over-emotional imouto.

Episode 2: “The fact that a McDonalds clone exists in this show made me laugh, for some stupid reason.”

Since is set in a fancy-pantsy magic school (probably private), I would have thought these kids would be eating Michelin star food. But the McDonalds clone down the road is much cheaper, so let’s go there instead. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

McDonalds does get around in anime. They’ll start their own magic menu soon; thanks to their CADs (yup, that’s what their called apparently……the little Pip-Boy things they have on their wrists……or was it their smartphones?), mages can create Big Macs out of thin air!

Episode 3: “I won’t share my onii-sama with anyone!!”

We love you Miyuki, but you can be a bit of a psycho. Brocon, imouto, a touch of yandere…Miyuki doesn’t like girlfriends, or any other female who looks at him in a manner that displeases her. But it does make the show less boring and monotonous.

But why does everyone have to be so polite in this show?! I thought this was supposed to be an anime high school!! There’s supposed to be the bratty entourage of girls with fake nails and crappy phone straps, and there’s supposed to have the comedy guy who leers at the girls on the school roof while they’re at the school pool, and there’s supposed to have the six-pack jerk with the mohawke haircut, the Kansai accent, and numerous piercings. I’m not sure whether I’m disappoint or not.

And was Morisaki jealous after being thrashed? Of course he was. Dem stares, you should have seen them; get a room, you two!

Episode 4 to 6: “The true beginning of Tatsuya’s harem.”

…and since there are so many of them (cos he’s such an awesome guy like that), I can’t remember all of their names, so I’ll only go by their appearances. The meganekko with yellow eyes, the girl with two ponytails, the Chiaki Minami wannabe, the student council president who has her eyes firmly on Tatsuya’s chest, and loves to pout in that annoying anime girl style when she can’t get her way. And there are others; I don’t remember their names.

Oh yeah, and there are guys in this harem too. I only have to mention the silent brick shit-house guy to show you what I mean.

See, the entire sci-fi text seriously got in the way of us identifying and sympathising with these kids. It was a key part of the show, but to be honest, I actually wanted to know a lot more about the harem girls that were just being portrayed as two-dimensional.

x girls at his feet, and he's completely oblivious.
An infinite amount of girls and guys at his feet, and he’s completely oblivious.

Episode 8: “The themes.”

It was only now when I realised how catchy the first opening theme is, and how fucking annoying the first ending theme is.

Plus it’s even more fucking annoying when I get ‘immersed’ in a scene, and then the episode just up and ends. Fuck you.

Episode 9 and 10: “The techno mumbo-jumbo headfuck stuff was annoying as anything, so my head went that way.”

At this point, the plot just stopped. My head started to hurt. Tatsuya’s robotic voice was annoying the fuck out of me, so my focus was solely on all the girls and their ‘traits’……if there were any.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

This arc was on some school Olympic thing that was, quite frankly, extremely dull. Plus it was at this point when I began to think if schools in the future would genuinely be like this. Polite idiots, magic that is just beyond ridiculous, the lack of crime in ordinary folk. It’s like Psycho-Pass 2, only better.

Please don't.
Please don’t.

Episode 12: “I stopped taking notes.”

It was about 1am at this point, I was half-asleep, trying my best to keep my eyes on the screen. Before I realised it, Tatsuya was straight on the scene with injured athletes telling experienced paramedics how to do their job, First High had completely obliterated the competition (of course they would), Tatsuya completely deafened his rival by just clicking his fingers, Miyuki was wailing at the sight of her beau in the middle of a field, and later on they were waltzing by a fountain under the moonlight.

Oh wait. Was that later on? I couldn’t remember. No seriously. I just could not remember.

Maybe this was the price of marathoning a 26-episode long show in the middle of the night.


Tatsuya turns ape-shit after he discovers who hurt Miyuki, climbs up a skyscraper and vaporises a dozen fat guys with his silly gun.

I would clap, but if since there was such little emotion and action oozing from everything, I didn’t.

Episode whatever (I forgot): “I once killed many men by simply staring at them.”

"Leave anything for us?" "Only bodies."
“Leave anything for us?” “Only bodies.”

It probably happened really earlier on, but it’s only now that I have started to feel really sorry for his classmates and fellow council members. I mean their magic is cool and pretty sweet as it is. With their own magic, they could be main protagonists and then Mahouka would very likely be an amazing show to watch, but the fact that this guy can just stare at someone to decapitate them is just beyond ridiculous.

The finale: “The happy ending?”

All the terrorists in the world are dead, all of their ships have been blown up and and sunk by one single shot that looked larger than an atomic bomb. Miyuki’s even happier that she can finally bed her husbando…

…but we were teased. A sequel???? There could be room for a sequel???


No sequels allowed for this stupid piece of shit.

No shits given.
No shits given.

Fast-forward to 2 days later, when my brain finally woke up.

What did I think? Well the only thing I actually liked were the secondary characters. I would have thought I would have liked Miyuki at the end of it all too, but her overly-caring manner was just in the end. Plot? No. Magical science-fiction bullshit? No. Everything else? No.

But there is one thing that is constant. And that Keanu Reeves is no longer The One. It’s this prick.

No not her. Him. Who else?
No, not her. Him. Who else?

I hoped you enjoyed my suffering. I’ll be doing some more suffering by doing another marathon in due time, since I had so much fun suffering in them last 20-24 hours where I had no sleep, little food and drink, and probably had damage to my eyes since I was staring at my screen for too long. Plus my laptop died a little; not only because it was on for such a long stretch of time, but it also had to endure 20-24 hours of this shit. I’ll probably do another incredibly annoying show, or incredibly silly one, or one that’s too emotional for words. Something that ANN didn’t give a 10 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “What happened when I watched: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

  1. Justin April 7, 2015 / 12:34 am


    (why would you do this to yourself ;-;)

    • Neomo April 7, 2015 / 2:12 am

      Two reasons:

      1. I was originally going to watch this at a slow pace, but after hearing how damn awful it was, I just thought of this marathon idea for this place.
      2. I’m a masochist, so I love this kind of torture.

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