Cool places to go: Anime pride, or lack of it.

I get a lot of lows these days. You know, those feelings when I just cannot be bothered with anime in any form whatsoever. The worst case for me is that sometimes they have stretched on past the 7-day barrier. This is something I have dedicated over half of my life to, and yet I was willing to just throw it all away, like it was all just one retarded hipster phase?

“Oh yeah, anime is SOOO last-season! This season you just have to be into…[insert here]…”

I know I need the motivation; it’s just finding it is the real problem for me sometimes. It’s probably the kind of person I am. The introvert, the silent type……the perfect person to live on the internet all day.

How I Found Pride In Being An Anime Fan.

But this article over at Goboiano was very interesting; almost enlightening. No wait, wrong word; definitely wrong word. Reminiscent, perhaps. I grew up in a pretty shitty part of an area east of London in the 90s. I hated everyone, and by some miracle, I got into anime age 12. Or 13. And it was this stage where of course you’d be alone, well I was one too. The writer says in detail about a keynote she went to regarding how people react when announcing something they really feel passionate about…and could be something that can very easily be frowned upon by the good portion of the rest of the world, partly by pure ignorance, but also of pure hatred.

Coming out as an anime fan is, I still see, a very hard thing to do, and I’m in my 30s now. I’ve told my family, who only see it as kid’s cartoons. I’ve been to a fair few conventions, and pretty much all of them I just don’t feel like I fit in at all. They all know what they like, and are very happy about it. So I still kind of hate myself as someone who watches anime. The article might say at the end that being more positive towards your fandom helps you strive to be a better person, well does it depend on the person itself?

As I’m typing this out, in fact, I can see a long cabinet full of DVDs and Blu-rays of shows I import from the US……but never play. A passionate anime fan would prioritize going out and buying a multi-region player; it’s just something I never get around to. 5 or 6 years of importing, and I still haven’t got a player to play them.

Feel free to laugh in the comments.

Source: Goboiano


2 thoughts on “Cool places to go: Anime pride, or lack of it.

  1. John March 17, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    You are probably just feeling some burnout. Most fans get it at some point. You can be cured of burnout in three ways: (1) Analyze the shows you watch instead of just viewing them. Read about Japan itself to understand its cultural context, and then see what story elements they borrowed from the West and how they changed them. Put anime in the context of the evolution of world popular culture. (2) Spend a couple of weeks watching some American stuff and see how bad it is. (3) Watch older shows. Sometimes they are better than modern stuff, and they won’t have themes you may be tired of.

    In any event, I wouldn’t tell others your hobby. I wouldn’t bother about whether or not I fit in with the crowd either. Who cares? All that matters is whether you are enjoying yourself. There is little enough happiness to be found in this world, and if you have something you enjoy you are better off than a lot of people who can’t handle it and turn to things that can hurt them. I can assure you there are fans out there who are much older than you are.

    • Neomo March 18, 2015 / 8:17 am

      Thank you for the kind words. I shouldn’t blame my medical condition for the burnouts (emphasis on plural) I get, but I certainly see where you’re getting at. Watching bad American/British shows might not help since I’d probably get more frustrated and start tearing my hair out.

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