Why idol producers should never be trusted.

A familiar scene from every other horror movie.

Spare a thought, won’t you? So many poor girls are being led down the golden path; that yellow brick road of fame and wealth and happiness. But spare a thought of what awaits them as they’re practicing their dance routines, their stretches, their singing and their smiles in their tiny mildew-infested sixth-floor studio. At middle-school age, these poor girls will be plucked from their vain and pathetic little lives and become superstars, where their fellow schoolmates will look down at them with pure jealousy and evil. Their families will be invaded by the paparazzi, demanding to know how their daughters like their beef cooked. And when they reach the age of 25, they will be shown the fire exit……or, if they’re smart…they’ll be able to write their own song, which is a one-hit wonder that disappears into nothing within a few months…at best.

I can’t help but be pessimistic about this spin-off. Love Live! changed me, and I could see that girls could actually be happy while singing and dancing and generally behaving silly. While I enjoyed the original Idolm@ster series, I can’t help but think how idol producers are really like in real life. Are they the fun-loving, all-caring kind like in the original Idolm@ster, or are they all like this sad and creepy guy who seems to love nothing better than stalk pretty young girls, present business cards to them, and pleading to them that they sign up for his idol group because he liked their smiles?

For some reason, I’m reminded of Kyubey.

Sure, sure, these are only ‘first-episode-opinions’, but seriously, I just cannot see this guy have any emotion if his idol group reaches the top of the Oricon charts. Besides, I think this guy has already stolen the entire series. The three girls we’ve met so far (as of episode 1) are just so empty. We have brain-dead Uzuki, the constantly-pissed-off Rin and the I-have-no-idea-who-she-is-and-right-now-I-really-don’t-care other girl whose name I’ve already forgotten. So what about when episode 2 comes out, which will be…what…in a few days…a bunch of others will arrive. Perhaps they’ll be just as vain and empty like the other three. It’s such a shame, I’ll tell you that, because the 765 Pro girls all had their own thing going and we all loved them for it. Miki wanted to be Producer-san’s wife, Iori was the sarcastic spoilt one who was actually quite cute, Makoto was the one everyone thought was a boy, and all Takane could think about was ramen.

I’ll stick with this show for now, if only to laugh at this creepy new producer who I’m sure has already been the butt of every idol anime joke online…but then I could be right all along, in that idol producers are, in nature, extremely emotionless, and nothing like Producer-san.

Need me to pop a cap in an idol producer for you?
Need me to pop a cap in an idol producer for you?

2 thoughts on “Why idol producers should never be trusted.

  1. Frog-kun January 16, 2015 / 12:09 pm

    The creepy recruiter guy actually comes across as weirdly moe to me. I can’t even explain why. Maybe it has something to do with how awkward and clumsy he is? I don’t even know, man. Ignore this comment if you must.

    • Neomo January 16, 2015 / 12:46 pm

      I agree with you; awkwardness and clumsiness makes a lot of characters moe. He’s the kind of character I can picture accidentally walking into automatic glass doors and not react in any way whatsoever.

      It’s ok; I welcome all comments, so don’t worry.

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