Why I love the fact that the internet loves Love Live!

Notice me, goddess Nozomi!

Some would agree with me on that. Screw Madoka! What did she ever do?! Smile in her faint and shallow manner and fly around in pink and white and mess her beloved Homura’s head around?! At least with Nozomi she can fly around and fondle breasts with a lewd look on her face. It’s those tarot cards that speak inaudible words; obey me μ’s, or I’m coming for your breasts!

No seriously, just go to the strange and bizarre Love Live Confession Twitter account, and you’ll just see the Nozomi love. But then it’s already been disputed how we westerners praise and worship Nozomi more:

Twitter has always been struck by us crazy otaku; because we’re crazy like that. We’re loving and caring to our waifu, we’re mean and horrible to their rivals and enemies, and we just go apeshit at everything else. Why? Because we can, and we can get away from it.

I’ve tried this; this much is true.
This is not true. Because Nico is too good for him.
This is not true. Because Nico is too good for him.
And as for this, well Rin is definitely a planet!
And as for this, well Rin is definitely a planet!

Why Love Live? And not that other idol franchise? Oh come on, there are wayyyy too many reasons:

1. The plain and simple face that all 9 girls in μ’s can easily be shipped. Honoka x everyone else, Eli x everyone else, Maki x everyone else…you get the picture. Not to mention their favourite rivals A-RISE, who’s leader has a crush on Honoka. And what about The Idolm@ster? Precious few ships, too much focus on drama (boring), plus Paypal loves Nico.

2. Nozomi. Why else? We westerners love her for some bizarre reason; in their shows, she’s mostly at the back of the stage, so it’s probably just her bosom being mostly a part of it.

3. Rin. She exudes cuteness~nyan. She’s the tomboy of the group~nyan. And her relationship with Hanayo is too underrated~nyan.

4. Nico. She’s the butt of all jokes in the show, even if everyone forgets the fact that her family’s poor, her first idol group fell apart because her members bailed, and she has to take care of her little siblings whilst not at school.

5. Maki. Because she’s the first-year hottie. I don’t think she’s that great a performer in the show though, but I won’t deny that she looks the best whilst twirling her hair and looking serious and unhappy.

6. Both Tsubasa and Anju in A-RISE. Tsubasa because of her crush on Honoka, and Anju because she’s the love goddess. She’s the one who taught Tsubasa how to romance Honoka. She deserves her own late-night radio show.

So in essence Love Live! has become the new Madoka Magica. Why? Because it’s easy to take the mickey out of. We can all look at our supreme goddess and see how she’s desperate to fondle her disciples. We can all see how Hanayo loves her rice. And we can all see how tsundere Nico and Maki are.

How dare you interrupt our date!
How dare you interrupt our date!

All the stuff that we all could do in Madoka Magica; poor Mami, poor Homura, poor Sayaka, etc.

What about me? Well after watching the 3 movies, my massive fanness of Madoka Magica has since disappeared into dust, and I’ve accepted that it’s just a franchise that’s now gotten out of control. So do I think that Love Live! has the potential of going down that same route? I don’t think so. When it came out, I don’t think I wanted it to become so massive. Cult, yes, but popular to the point of uncontrollable, no. Love Live! is no way as popular, but it’s still in its infancy I think. True, the otaku won’t get enough of Nico and Maki getting in bed with each other, but Love Live! will never be the mass franchise Madoka Magica became. And that’s a good thing, in my opinion.

Also there’s one thing to consider: with Madoka Magica, there were a lot of things that fans/critics took extremely seriously; as in the metaphors and references to past literature and mythology. And what does Love Live! have? Nozomi the supreme goddess, and planet Rin.

No doubt, I’ll move on to another franchise in the next few years. But that’s just what anime is all about in the 21st century; once we get tired of one franchise, another one comes, and we consume that one instead.

Sources: Love Live Confession // Kitakubu


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