I have no taste in anime.

The one very thing that we know about anime is that it has so many genres for every kind of anime fan. While my family and other non-otaku friends take a look at it and simply see cartoons (my parents in particular are guilty of that); something that doesn’t actually exist in RL and therefore cannot (in their own metaphorical words) as entertainment. I used to hate it when they said that, but then that’s pointless; each is to their own, of course.

Me? My tastes can go from school to romantic comedy to parody to magical girl. I mean, I can just take one glance at my animelist and see every show is, kind of, the same in terms of genre. Do I like every single show of that particular genre? Of course I don’t. Maybe I just have too many high standards; they specifically have to have this and have to specifically have that in order to make me even the slightest bit interested.

Take today, for instance. I watched episode 2 of Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin in the hope that it would get better than episode 1. While the first episode was just your average bog standard introduction to the main characters, the second episode just made me want to tear my hair out. Something from Nanana’s alleged treasure chest, more girls for the harem, and more of a feeling for me to simply punch the main boy’s face for acting such a idiot not only for being as dense as anything but for just allowing these new characters for pushing him around and treat him like a slab of meat.

So why do I drop so many shows that I might end up liking if I broadened my horizons? Take something like Higurashi: I don’t mind yandere at all and yet as it was so central to the show, I gave up. Another show, the recent Kyoukai no Kanata, as well. I like girls with glasses, and girls with glasses who can fight, plus I love nearly everything from Kyoto Animation. There’s obviously something wrong with me.

This happens a lot when I meet up with my otaku friends. We each have our own personal tastes, and some even go crazy about a show they’ve seen and adored……I was, unfortunately, one of those people. I liked Puella Magi Madoka Magica a lot; still do. But when it came out, I raved about it so much that my friends just got so bored; a couple have since distanced themselves from me. And the same time when I was nattering to them about which Puella Magi I loved the best, I was thinking if one of them said they hated the show. Back then I would have more than furious. Now I’ve seen the show, read the manga and seen the movies, I completely regret what I did. Sure I miss the friends who don’t get in touch with me anymore, but I’ve since learned to just shut up about the anime I worship and adore, because the people I know will just hate me more.

So that’s me in a nutshell; I’m in my thirties and yet behave like a child too much. So yeah I am very envious of people who are willing to watch any kind of anime and not be biased. But every day I hope that I will be a better anime fan, watch more shows, broaden my horizons and not pre-judge like I tend to all the time. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll watch a show I don’t really like from the first few episodes and actually finish the whole series. Like I used to.


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