The other mystery Shaft project.

Where oh where are you, Magical Suite Prism Nana? I was going to make that the post title, only it felt too long.

This one’s an obscurity. An real obscurity. We first about this when a teaser surfaced at a Comiket in 2012. Girls, check. School, check. Fancy costumes, check. And…umm, that was it. Until the actual promos came out.

They looked good. Really good, I thought. But maybe that was just me and my natural and flawed draw to anime that’s overhyped. Pretty young school girls doing what every anime fan pictures every schoolgirl does: does well (or not so well) in grades, jumps around the pavement on their way to school, etc. But then I noticed one thing in this show; something to think about. The Sailor Senshi and the Pretty Cure harem have evil forces that look like they came fresh from some broken 80s J-rock band, Cardcaptor Sakura has pesky cards to collect, and the Puella Magi…well…they don’t fight to save the world; instead they fight to stay alive. So what do these Prism Nana girls have to fight? Even looking at those promos, all you see are the 3 girls enjoying life, doing normal things in their futuristic-looking city, and the stuff they do in the obligatory beach part. So what about the antagonist? What is it? Who is it? Is there one, even??

Sure they’re teenage adolescents who are struggling with their emotions (like the other magical girls), so maybe it’s that they’re fighting (as opposed to actual things). That other Shaft magical girl show presented fight scenes in mysterious and unknown places where anything could happen, so maybe they’ve gone a similar route here too.

I really don’t know. And I don’t even know how I’ve been drawn to this show. Maybe it was how I was drawn into Kyoukai no Kanata (the teasers/website surfaced when season 1 of Chuunibyou came out). This probably will turn out into one big overhyped mess, but I won’t know that until we’re given more news or presented with anymore promos or given any actual rough release dates (no anime news site seems to know). Hell, I even heard one source that suggested that the entire project was something to advertise a set of pachinko machines!…you think I’m kidding on that one?!?!

Okay, so there’s more seasons to come for this year, and I may well just delete this post entirely when Prism Nana does decide to surface, and we’re shown all the details about the show.

Edit: Thanks to a kind reader, I’ve found out the truth behind the project. It was to advertise an arcade game after all! There’s a Youtube video here that details more about it: A promo of the Pachislot game.

Sources: Official website / Anime News Network / Comiket 2012 teaser video (Youtube)


2 thoughts on “The other mystery Shaft project.

  1. Asho February 28, 2014 / 6:02 pm

    Daxel requested a series of seven animated music videos and then made a pachislot machine themed around them. The producer involved decided to hand them all to Shaft.

    The backstory in the website, the full versions of the videos and the pachislot itself is all there is to Prism Nana.

    • Neomo February 28, 2014 / 8:57 pm

      Awww! Oh well… thanks for letting me know 🙂

      It probably would have been one overhyped mess if Shaft decided to make it into an anime, anyway. Besides, Shaft have that Monogatari prequel movie they’re planning so they’ve probably got their hands full on that for 2014.

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