Ruedo, Wuraieto ando Buro.

I only recently finished watching Girls Und Panzer, Kiniro Mosaic and the K-on! movie and have very quickly noticed one thing: while Japan are very proud of themselves and their lifestyle, they can’t help but be extremely fascinated by the UK. They love us because we’re so different than them, while at the same time we have quirky tradition and oddball history. They love us because of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and David Bowie and Spinal Tap. They love us because the world perceives the British to be uber-polite (which isn’t true; Japan is far more polite than us). They love us because of Mary Poppins. They love us because we have miles/kilometres of roaming and stunning-looking countryside. They love us for our Minis. And they love us because, to them, English is such a mysterious cool language, despite it being the hardest to learn.

But we love Japan just as much as they love us. And as a resident of the United Kingdom, I’m supposed to be proud of my queen and country, but I’m not. In fact it kind of stinks. Am I just some bleeding-heart liberal though? Well, that’s another post. It’s only when I play Call of Duty (yes, that’s right! I actually play Call of Duty!) when I can cry with laughter at all the British 12-year-olds who swear and rage when they get killed.

I suppose the only true way of finding out why they’re so interested in us Brits is to ask them in person. As London is only around 40 miles/65 kilometres from me, I can go straight to Buckingham Palace or Piccadilly Circus or the Tower of London or wherever and scare some cute-looking tourists, attempt my best Japanese (which is actually pretty shit), and find out whether the UK is the best thing since sliced bread (behind Japan, of course…).

But I had to giggle a lot when it came to Alice in Kiniro Mosaic; technically her English wasn’t English at all. Do all cute tiny moe girls born and bred in the English countryside have American accents? It’s more likely just the fact that so many more people in the world have American-sounding accents, the studio would rather save their yen and find an American voice actress as opposed to splashing out on finding a voice actress with an English accent. But then again, hearing all that English-accent English throughout the show could make people giggle even more. Can’t really picture cute little Alice laying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling and hope she can visit Japan in an English accent. No honestly! Even I would laugh! Guess noone wins there…


2 thoughts on “Ruedo, Wuraieto ando Buro.

  1. Manga Therapy November 25, 2013 / 3:53 pm

    What’s even more fascinating is Japan’s love of Germany. Some of their hit anime has German influence.

    • Neomo December 5, 2013 / 12:09 am

      True, true. The west is so different than the east, so that’s why the youth of Japan are all the more interested. Tradition exists, of course, but a lot of youth like to rebel after all…if that makes any sense.

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