Up, then down, then up, then down.

Umm…yeah. You see where I’m getting at here. I’m only halfway through Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and, to me, the show is on a constant roller-coaster. One would think that the beginning episodes were good (this was when Mashiro moved into Sakurasou), but it just went on and on and on about how poor little Sorata had to balance his school work, create games, and clean up Mashiro’s mess. But then when Rita arrived, it all suddenly changed. Episodes got better, people were happier, Nanami got even more embarrassed, Misaki became even more bonkers, and Ryuunosuke actually left his room. And that game they made for the obligatory festival episode; I liked that a lot. But now?……not much has changed. Sure Sorata gets pissed off because Mashiro can’t do basic everyday tasks, and sure Nanami watches and waits for the perfect time to confess. Now I’m just bored.

But I’m certain the show will get better……somehow. There will be an ending. But Sorata’s got a new assignment now, and the others will want to help him and yay!

But to be honest, the only real relationship I truly care about is the one at the bottom of the relationship pile: Ryuunosuke x Rita. I just giggle at how she gets mad when she wants to express her love through Skype, and he just blows her off. But it’s just obvious; he yearns for her return. Yes, those two are way more entertaining than Jin x Misaki, Sorata x Nanami (although I do really like her a lot), and definitely Sorata x Mashiro.

He just gets all gushy and teary-eyed about how wonderful she is, and she’s all ‘but-all-i-know-is-being-locked-away-in-a-big-fancy-house-in-england-and-drawing-so-i-dont-even-know-how-to-express-any-kind-of-emotion-whatsoever’. It’s like in some scenes she’s in (actually, that’s a lot of scenes she’s in), an angry person in my head shouts out; “DO SOMETHING!!!”


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